David and Rachel. David, on the right, is a white man with a beard and glasses. Rachel, on the left, is a white woman with greenish spiky hair and glasses.

Join fiction writer Rachel A. Rosen and poet David Clink as they cast spells and cast off on brave new voyages while pondering life, the universe, and everything all at once. And the deep questions – Are we alone? Does magic exist? Tights – yes or no? And why are there no ugly people in space?  

David Clink’s latest poetry collection is The Role of Lightning in Evolution (ChiZine Publications, 2016). His poem, “A sea monster tells his story” won the Aurora Award for Best Poem/Song, in 2013. David’s fifth poetry collection will be The Black Ship (currently looking for a publisher).

Rachel A. Rosen is a genre strumpet with an outlook darker than VantaBlack. Her work straddles urban fantasy, cosmic horror, dystopian futures, and eco-fiction. Her stone-cold bummer of a first novel, Cascade (The Sleep of Reason Book 1), was published by The BumblePuppy Press in 2022, and with Zilla Novikov, she’s the co-author of The Sad Bastard Cookbook: Food You Can Make So You Don’t Die. When she’s not hammering out the next book in the Sleep of Reason series, you can find her either under a cat, designing book covers, or indoctrinating the youth in hopes of getting them to come to class every now and again.